About Us

SHiNE, an authorised premium reseller of Apple products solely owned by Poorvika Mobiles Private Limited. SHiNE collectively sells the upgraded Accessories of Apple brand which are more popular and trending in the industry. In this way, SHiNE stands unique and easily accessible to the ardent users of Apple products. Abundant customers those are willing to buy with a high premium for the quality, design and feature of Apple devices get easy access to attain it from SHiNE.  SHiNE established in the year 2016 by Mr. N. Uvaraj, Founder, SHiNE &Chief Executive Officer, Poorvika Mobiles. In just a span of three years, SHiNE has accomplished with a customer base of 1 lakh and 100 employees which is the greatest strength of SHiNE. Being headqauarted in Chennai, SHiNE has its wings wide spread in six different locations of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry.